Orion Moto G3 Case Mod

This evening has been rather successful. I finally got round to attempting this modification of my Moto G3 (3rd Generation) case. I had been planning to simply drill some random holes all over it to let the yellow shine through the otherwise rather dominant black case. But then I realised that I could make a pattern out of the holes. Rather nicely, Orion (which happens to be my favourite constellation) fitted really rather nicely. Win for me.

Moto G3 Case Orion Mod. © Nick Bailey
My Moto G Case Orion Modification

Moto G3 Case. © Nick Bailey
Before, just a black case on my Moto G3

Moto G3. © Nick Bailey
Behind the case is a rather stunning yellow body


Bike Maintenance Sucess: Delicious

What a relief - my bike maintenance worked a treat. After months exposed to the elements and without the exactly correct tools for the job, I managed to reassemble my spare rear axle, attach the new cassette and fit the new chain. My bike feels like new. It is so easy to forget how solid a drive-chain should feel on a road bike as the parts gradually become worn. I often think that the whole thing about chains being worn is just an excuse that bike shops use to add the cost of a new chain. But no, a new chain really is the business.


New Shimano Freehub for R500 Wheel

I disassembled my spare rear axel many months ago when I found that the free hub had cracked. I eventually got round to buying a new free hub (nearly as much as a whole wheel - damn this capitalism) and now, eventually eventually getting round to re-assembling the thing. Of course that meant I had forgotten how I disassembled it. Thankfully youtube to the rescue:

Ha! In writing this HTML I've had to teach Chrome to accept the misspelling: center. Damn doublethink.


Sungkyunkwan Univeristy Logo on the Earth

. © Nick Bailey
Alaköl Audani bearing a very close resemblance to the Sungkyunkwan University Logo
I was browsing the Earth as you do (or at least as I do) following this tweet from Tim Peake on board the ISS:
A Tweet by Tim Peake
Tims tweet

While trying to locate those mountains I zoomed in on a rather intriguing formation which looked like a bit of human engineering - it was indeed a river delta which has been massively utilised for farming right in the far reaches of the east of Kazakhstan near the border with China. I then realised that the formation looked quite like a ginkgo leaf which is the logo for my Father-in-law's university in South Korea - Sungkyunkwan (also the oldest). Sadly when I checked the logo online I realised that the land formation is instead the mirror reflection of the logo. Here they are side by side. For your interest the geographic coordinates are: 46.040012N, 81.036736E near the town of Alaköl Audani
Sungkyunkwan University Logo. © Nick Bailey
Alaköl Audani bearing a very close resemblance to the Sungkyunkwan University Logo

Bad + Good or OK?

Here is a dilema I face remarkably often: if there is something I don't like, should I dilute it in order to make it weaker but longer, or have a short sharp but horrible hit? Most recently occurrence of this is with tea. My usual supplier, The Daily Bread Cooperative in Cambridge used to stock really nice "breakfast" tea, by which I believe they meant Assam. Either way, it was a really good taste, strong but smooth loose tea. Sadly some time last year their supplier failed meaning they were out of stock for months. Then when they finally got more stock in the quality was significantly reduced - much more dusty than it used to be making a much rougher cup (yes, this is going to be one of those dull blog posts I'm afraid). Dr K brought a bag recently and we found that not only is the quality still rubbish, but also it has gone up by nearly £1 (~+20%) [yes, this is a grumpy moan @DB_Cambridge].

Anyway, to my problem. It has crossed my mind that I could simply ditch the tea, but I hate being wasteful, so I feel compelled to consume it. Now should I buy some other tea which is nicer - say Clipper Loose Assam - and mix it together to make the worse tea better? Of course this also makes the nice tea worse and also last longer all round. Or shall I try and work through the worse tea keeping the nice stuff separate so that occasionally reward myself with a nice pot? The same thing has happened at work when I brought some Coop loose tea only to discover that, surprise surprise, it's equally dusty rubbish (actually, it's remarkably identically to the Daily Bread tea - suspicious?

Forget my dilemna. Where can I buy nice tea nowadays?